Buying A Mattress

Choosing and buying a mattress can be overwhelming at times with all of today’s options. I research some buying tips to help myself and some of my readers as well as make the process easier. It is important to have new beddings but you should be careful when purchasing one.

A comfortable and supportive mattress contributes to a better sleep. If you are here to get a mattress, I have the best buying tips that I found online so that you and I know how to approach this big purchase.



There is no need to stick to the mattress size since you are changing it. Maybe you purchased a king previously when the entire family loaded the bed to watch cartoons every Sunday or you shared a bed with a friend. Since you are now alone, you can downsize to full or queen mattress and have extra space. Perhaps you want to stay alone now, this could be the best time to have a big mattress. Consider your present lifestyle as you go shopping. Replacing the size of your mattress implies replacing the bedframe as well. In fact, it is the right occasion for a bedroom renovation.

Test before purchase

Couple sitting in the bed

While this is ill at ease, you have to try the mattress before paying for it.  There are no alternatives for this, therefore, bend and stretch enough. Roll on the mattress, sit like someone reading a book, ensure you feel if it is firm or too hard. If you have a partner, have him try the mattress too.  Use ten minutes testing every mattress. In case you are purchasing it online consider testing the model you want at the nearest store.

Inquire about trial time and returns

Even if you tested the mattress, a good test is when you use it throughout the night. That is the reason many dealers offer a comfort testing period. Most of the time, it is about 30 days. Within this period, you can take the mattress back to the store. However, most stores will charge you the restock costs if you take the trial option. But it is necessary to have a testing period.

Is it firm?

There is no standard measurement when it comes to the firmness of the mattress. This varies from one manufacturer to another. That is why you need to test your mattress before purchase. Avoid assuming that a bad back requires a mattress that is more firm.

Do you need a pillow-upper mattress?

Bed picture

Such mattresses have become so popular. But such comfort contributes to the additional costs of this mattress. Always remember that a top pillow will become flat early before the mattress does. People who are lightweight might not have the weight that can take on the mattress’ support via the cushion top. As an alternative, you may purchase a normal mattress and then add a thick topper to get that classy feeling.

Understand your choices

There are many kinds of mattresses. But the common ones are:

  • Memory foam
  • Innerspring
  • Hybrids
  • Modifiable air beddings

Every type has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it is critical to understand all these before you go ahead and start shopping.

Replacing it All

My husband and I are shopping for a new mattress and we always want to replace all their pillows. I am considering memory foam pillows for us this time around. I know most people struggle to find the best pillow to use. There are several brands and all of them look pretty good. But it is critical that you know what you want before you go shopping. Memory foam pillows are popular among many people because they offer you the comfort you need to rest the entire night without turning. Here are some of the top picks you should consider during your shopping.


Coop Home Goods’ premium adjustable pillow

Coop Home Goods’ premium

If sleeping has been a problem you have to deal with every night, I have a solution for you. This mattress from Coop Home Goods will without any doubt give you a good rest. This pillow is customized when it comes to loft and firmness thanks to the zippered covering that you can open. It is filled with shredded foam amounts of your desires. The cover of this pillow is removable and this makes cleaning easy ensuring that your pillow is clean at all times.

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The pillow is dust mite proof and hypoallergenic making it the ideal pillow for people who have allergies. Another that will make you want to purchase this pillow is that it is machine washable. Therefore, you will not spend several hours cleaning the pillow.


  • The pillow is adjustable
  • It is easy to clean
  • The pillow is ideal for individuals with allergies
  • It offers adequate comfort the entire night
  • The pillow is durable and thus it will serve you for several years


  • I found out that this memory foam pillow is too soft


Z Memory Pillow from MALOUF

Z Memory from MALOUF

This is another pillow that I can recommend to anyone seeking to have a comfort during sleep. If you also love traveling, this pillow is for you. It is somehow smaller than other pillows but that does not mean it is not comfortable. It features rounded borders that provide with a classic feather pillow. The external casing of this pillow features 25 percent bamboo rayon and 75 percent polyester. This makes it the best pillow for anyone who has allergies and doesn’t want to aggravate the condition. The free cell mechanism prevents this pillow from flattening with time.

To find the best tool for better relaxation and comfort, check out vjpillow.com.


  • It is perfect for allergic people
  • It offers maximum comfort
  • It is long-lasting
  • The pillow is easy to clean
  • It maintains your sleeping temperature


  • I found out that some users found this pillow to be too stiff.


Conforma Cushion from Classic Brands

Conforma Cushion from Classic Brands

If you are a back or side sleeper, this pillow is the perfect one for you. The pillow is tall and is designed to offer you adequate support especially if you are a side or back sleeper. The pillow features an aerated design that is made with hole patterns to cool your head while offering the head and neck with maximum support. Conforma pillow features a detachable zip-off cover that is machine washable. This makes it easy to clean while saving you the time.  While there are several pillows you can choose from, this pillow stands out.


  • It is easy to clean because you can quickly remove the cover and wash it by machine
  • Offers maximum support to side and back sleeper
  • Supports the head and neck to ensure you sleep comfortably
  • It maintains your sleeping temperature
  • The  pillow can last long


  • Some users stated that this pillow made to perspire a lot and this means you keep tossing on your bed.



Sleeping comfortable is not all about having a good mattress. It is also about having the best pillow. As for me, I choose to have the memory pillow. I am going to get one that is durable, and easy to clean. I’m a side sleeper and therefore, I will need to find a pillow that will offer me adequate support. My husband is allergic and that is why I will also want to get a pillow that will not aggravate his allergies. If you want to have a good pillow, you need to know how you sleep and what you dislike.

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We All Need Sleep!

I feel like I haven’t been getting enough sleep lately. I have chalked some of this up to my mattress condition, but the rest of it I’m chalking up to just not having enough hours in the day. Sleep is critical to your wellbeing. But when life becomes so demanding, sleep is the first to be neglected. It is unfortunate since adequate slumber is as important as healthy eating or exercising enough. Continue reading to know the significance of having adequate slumber and how much sleep adults should have to live a healthy lifestyle and productive day.

Vital to better health

Woman sleeping

Slumber is not only about having time to rest the mind and body. As you sleep, the body is working hard. In this period, the body restructures the tissues that you have eaten into in the day and washes away damaging plaques as well as the waste created in your brain. The procedures are crucial since they maintain the proper functioning and running of the body and mind. The mind performs and reacts to vital experiences and sentiments from daytime and dedicates them to remembrance.

Slumber is crucial for the regulation of the emotions. Depriving yourself of sleep for even a single night may raise the expressive reaction to unconstructive feelings.

Lack of slumber makes it hard for the body to control critical things such as hunger control, the immune mechanism, better metabolic operation, and the capability to control a standard weight of the body. Another thing is that it takes part in the regulation of the circadian beat.

Lack of slumber triggers anti-health effects

Woman sleeping while working

About 2/3 of students in high school and 1/3 of adults do not get adequate slumber every night. Unluckily, failing to get enough slumber may trigger a lot of damage than just feeling exhausted. If you do not sleep enough, you are likely to make wrong decisions, be less imaginative, and get into a vehicle accident. Also, you are likely to die prematurely.

A study discovered that having just five hours in a night for many nights in a series reduces mental performance to a similar level of consuming sufficient alcohol to have a level of 0.06 content of alcohol in the blood.

Failure to have a good night’s sleep might cause you to feel much unhelpful, less morally at your job, and less prolific. Additionally, it might increase your risk of having constant illnesses like heart diseases, diabetes, and obesity.

The amount of sleep you require is depended on many things

Each individual has varying preferences and needs, and the answer to the amount of sleep that you need is not different as well. But how much you sleep every night depends on your age.

Suggestions for your slumber duration

Adults, those above 65 years: seven to eight hours

  • 18-64: seven to nine hours
  • 14-17 (teenager): Eight to ten hours
  • 6-13: Nine to eleven hours
  • 3-5: Ten to thirteen hours
  • 1-2: Eleven to fourteen hours
  • 4-11 months: Twelve to fifteen hours
  • 0-3 (newborns): Fourteen to seventeen hours

But some individuals may need less or more slumber than the standard recommendation, this is based some factors.

The makeup of your genetic

Specific genetic mutations may interfere with your period of sleep, response to slumber deprivation, and the time you wish to sleep. Unluckily, the makeup of your genetic mutation cannot be changed and there is no real method of knowing if you possess one of the mutations.